10/10 Transformation by Chad Waterbury Demystified

Lately I’ve seen so much positive feed back about 10/10 Transformation, that I decided to tell everyone what this was all about.  I’m sure you’ve seen the positive comments on facebook too, and if you’re not part of the small group it was exposed to, you’ve probably asked yourself: What the heck is 10/10 Transformation?

For those of us who don’t know what that is, I’ll explain.  10/10 Transformation is Chad Waterbury’s prequel to Body of Fire.  Only a small group of people were informed of it and there was zero hype around it.  Seriously, the download page is more plain than your Aunt Sally.

Chad really exposed himself with Body of Fire.  But 10/10 Transformation was a smaller, more quiet project.  The project came to be after Chad Waterbury noticed that his clients kept asking for these results: to shed 10 pounds of fat and gain 10 pounds of lean muscle mass.  This would make an astounding transformation in their physique.

So Chad went to work and created a program that would do exactly that, and documented the program to make it available to more people.  The Program has four phases:

Phase 1: Fat Loss Training – Lose 5 pounds of fat

Phase 2: HFT for Hypertrophy- Build 5 pounds of lean muscle mass

Phase 3: Unilateral Training – Lose 5 more pounds of fat one side at a time

Phase 4: More Hypertrophy – Build another 5 pounds of lean mass

You’ll notice that the first brick to break is to start out by losing fat.  But Why?  This is due to the psychological effect that losing fat has on your mind.  When you get rid of fat you can see more muscle.  You look BIGGER.  And this pumps you up to continue the program to completion and feel even better when you have gained muscle in addition to stripping away the fat.

Is 10/10 Transformation for Everyone?


Unlike Body of Fire which contains multiple manuals with lots of photographs and diagrams, this program is a simple 30 page bare back workout and nutrition plan. Update: The book is currently out of print/ not for sale.

The program is for people who are already familiar with lifting weights and what basic weight lifting exercises look like.  It is a bodybuilding friendly program that focuses on the use of barbell and dumbell exercises with an option for cable exercises in some sections.

If you’ve been lifting for a while and just need some direction and you want to transform your physique by adding 10 pounds of muscle and shedding 10 pounds of fat this program is for you.  If you are new to weight lifting or are stuck on a plateau, and you need to learn how to do the exercises, this guide is not for you.  In that case, you’re better off looking for something more comprehensive and nothing is more user friendly, complete, and refined like the Body of F.I.R.E package. Update 2013: Body of F.I.R.E. is also currently not for sale to make room for Chad’s Latest muscle building system.

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