Overview of Chad Waterbury’s HFT Faster Muscle Training

 HFT Muscle Program II by Chad Waterbury

It all started in 2001 when Chad was out in Las Vegas watching the Mystere Alexis Brothers Show.  Here we had 2 grown men with amazing bodies that seemed to defy the laws of muscle building.  These guys didn’t spend their workouts isolating one body part.  They performed amazing feats of strength on a daily basis (they performed 10 shows per week and had lots of rehearsals in between), and yet they still had huge muscles.  So the idea growing inside Chad’s mind was that more frequent training could actually be the solution to slow muscle growth.

These guys are ripped, strong, and flexible

But how exactly would we be able to workout so much without being sore all the time or risking injury?

Chad Waterbury would spend the next decade experimenting with this concept and training his clients with it.  It just comes down to balancing the exercises in a manner that doesn’t tax your body too much, but still provides enough stimulus for growth.  You just need the right set/rep/load combinations.  It wasn’t until now that finally, a complete system was figured out by finding out what works for each specific muscle group.

Chad has become one of the main advocates of HFT (High Frequency Training) and has written a great deal about through out his career.  He has also trained celebrities, MMA fighters, and other pro athletes and has been featured in People, US Weekly, Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, and Showtime.  magazine icons


The Challenge

If you are the type of person who likes a challenge you know that Chad Waterbury’s workouts will provide it.  The new HFT program by Chad Waterbury includes exercises with gymnastic rings so you can try out something new (along with variations of the exercises if you are unable to access to this equipment).  Chad has studied ringsmanship under Russian Olympic medalist Yefim Furman and is able to guide you through the most effective rings exercises even if you’re a complete novice.  Here’s a video of Chad making some moves on the rings.

You can go on a quest to develop amazing displays of strength and power from the comfort of your home.  Learn to master your own body-weight, as well as other kinds of weight (including other human bodies) if you want to be like those guys.

They make it looks so easy!

One of the benefits of training this way is that you burn more fat even if you don’t make changes to your diet.  The program also includes plenty of variety to avoid getting bored, (although boredom is usually not an issue when you are getting fast muscle results). 

So basically what you get out of the program is more muscle, enhanced athleticism, and less fat.

The new HFT program Chad designed is made up of a 12-week full-body program in which you train 4 days per week.  Each workout can be done in about 45 minutes.  This means you can spend 3 total hours training per week and get phenomenal results doing so.

The schedule is very simple, you can train:   Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.  The workouts for Monday and Tuesday are specifically designed to work together and avoid over-training.  Then on Thursday you can go all out because you will have an uninterrupted full day of rest (on Friday), And on Saturday you pick things back up.

Even the Nutrition guide is cutting edge as Chad gives you his latest developments, and how he has been working and training his high ticket clients with an intermittent fasting technique for faster recovery and improved performance.

Training, Video Demos, and Diet Breakthroughs

The program consists of the training guide in ebook format, videos that show you how to perform each exercise, and a full nutrition guide to help you gain clean muscle.  There is also minimal equipment that is needed in case you don’t have time or access to visit the gym.

Can Women do this program?

Men and women who are up for it can do this program.  The program allows enough flexibility to be used differently by women through the selection of body parts that she chooses to target.  There is no gender requirement for the diet as well because both can men and women can burn more fat by using it.

  Are You Ready?

girl can hang with ring exercises







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